Welcome Adamjee Cantonment College Parents!


We know that you and your son or daughter have chosen to join the Adamjee Cantonment College  community for the endless potential it offers to each and every student. The diversity of ideas and opportunities in education, culture, athletics and more bring out the best in every student especially those who match the Institution with dedication and enthusiasm.

As parents, you are  an integral part of the Adamjee community and we encourage you to become involved. Your efforts can truly enhance the student experience through a variety of interactive opportunities.

Your participation is vital to the success of the College not just for our children but for future generations of students. We warmly welcome you, and offer to speak with you personally if we can be helpful in any way to further enhance the experience!

The College shares your goal of promoting  your student’s growth and success. It is our hope that every student flourishes at Adamjee and leaves us, as an educated, independent, self –confident human being.

Supporting Your Student

Parents can support students by acknowledging that mastery of the college experience, academically and socially, takes time. Assure your student that he or she possesses the intelligence, character, and strength to succeed and, in time, to feel at home at the Adamjee Cantonment College. Encourage your student to talk with academic advisers and faculty members. Knowing when and how to seek advice fosters maturity. Feeling confident about one’s ability to find and use internal and external resources is a major developmental goal for the college years.

Be patient and supportive. The college years are an appropriate time to change plans, examine new ideas, explore academic and career goals, and test abilities. Parents who fear that a student will permanently abandon family values may find it useful to think of the college years as a time when students try out new ways of being. Parents who keep a sense of humor, while reassuring and encouraging their student, will likely find that the person who emerges into adulthood remains the person they loved and nurtured through childhood.


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