Deployment of Google Apps for Education

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Technology, cloud computing, bogging, hangout, virtual reality all these are inseparable from this very modern era. Our young minds need to know more about these than we did. And nobody would deny that the best possible way to enlighten our students about this tech world is to make this as a part of their education.

We solve the problem with the deployment of Google Apps for Education at ACC. This Special Application comes with all the opportunities to harness the power of technology. Google Apps for Education is actually a broad IT solution which we can use for the entire academic community. And it is free.

D G Apps


This application is a tool for students, teachers and staffs to share ideas more quickly and to get things done more effectively. It gives access to the powerful communication, collaboration, sharing tools.


Google Apps for Education edition enables us to provide unique e mail ID to all of our students. After the completion of their study these e mail ids are transferred to the Adamjee alumni. So students can use this unique e mail id throughout their life. We convey messages, greetings, send study materials and even syllabus through e mails.


Adamjee Cantonment College has been using this Google Applications for education from 2011. The programme is introduced by Principal Colonel Mohammad Saiful Islam , psc.We also use Google Docs in a varied way. Google Doc is considered as the soul of Google apps. We use Docs to share study materials, suggestions, syllabus with other students as well as teachers. It is a powerful tool which allows students to work on the same document at the same time from any place. It is an excellent tool to bounce off their ideas by collaborating with others – a valuable skill of modern world for everyone.


Another feature of Google docs is the use of different kinds of e forms. We have already used this in a survey to have feedback from our students .Our last two Prefect or Captain elections are done entirely by online e voting through this forms.


We are also using Google Calendars. Calendars are mainly departmental responsibility. Departments made their own calendars with detailed lesson plan .The lesson plans are sometimes accompanied by study materials and resources. As the calendars are shared ,students and teachers use that to prepare beforehand about the study topics. Our holidays , classes , special events, meetings are now synchronized with Google calendar and mobile. We all are automatically notified just 10 minutes before any events or classes.


The next feature of Google Apps that we use in our Institution is the creation of websites in our own domain. With some assistance from our college we all made our individual and departmental websites. Students are also trained  to make their websites. All these are connected to the main website of Adamjee Cantonment College.





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