The college is committed to patronizing the economically challenged but brilliant learners with different incentives so as to help them to complete their academic life smoothly. Recently the Governing Body of the college has decided to award the insolvent meritorious students with scholarship with a view to easing the difficulties that stand on the way of their education.


 We humbly urge different organizations to sponsor our scholarship plan. We believe that as a part of corporate social responsibility, your organization can contribute greatly to our noble mission by funding the students’ scholarship. You can donate one years’ educational expenditure of a student (around one lac taka) and you can sponsor as many students as you wish. We will erect an honour board where the names of the donors will be displayed. Your sponsorship will definitely open up the potentials of many poor but promising students. We will appreciate if you become an integral part of our venture so that we can build our future together.


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